Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Kingspan Insulation SAU COVID-19 Business Contingency and Continuity Planning

Kingspan Insulation SAU is actively monitoring the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak. We will act in line with advice from Government and other appropriate authorities. Our factories and offices will remain open for business as usual unless instructed otherwise by the Government and Public Health Spain.

We already have, and will continue to put a lot of effort into business continuity planning to minimise, as far as we can, the impact of the current Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak on our customers, staff and business. It is clear that we are in a very dynamic situation and that plans made today may not be appropriate tomorrow; we will continue to review our plans as the situation develops to ensure we respond in an appropriate and timely manner.

We have taken a number of steps already with the intention of adding more resilience to our operations. These steps include asking some staff to work from home or work from home more frequently, relocating some staff in our offices to reduce occupational densities and holding as many meetings as possible by video or voice conference call systems. We are splitting shifts and breaks across our factory and re-distributing production across different buildings to increase flexibility. We will not be attending large industry events.

As noted above both Cassà de la Selva and Tui remain open (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00).

If a member of our office staff becomes ill for whatever reason, then their workload will be redistributed appropriately amongst other staff to try and minimise impact. At the present time our offices and staff continues to work at normal capacity. If this changes then we will be in direct contact with the customers affected to discuss and agree new arrangements. We are currently liaising with our supply chain to get clarity on their plans in order that we may better understand and then minimise the impact it may have on us and our customers. Our contracts staff will continue to liaise with customers to confirm the readiness of sites to take deliveries from us.

If you require further information then please seek further advice from your contact within our customer service or sales team.