POLIURETANOS participates in the CARBESPOL project

This project seeks to develop polyurethane foams with better final performance by using polyols derived from polycarbonate.

Poliuretanos, SA participates in the project "Development of polyurethane foams with better final benefits through the use of polycarbonate derived polyols (CARVESPOL)" that is financed from the expense budget of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, by the program Challenges - Collaboration, in its call 2016, and is co-financed with structural funds of the European Union. The objective of this call is to promote technological development, innovation and quality research.

UBE CORPORATION EUROPE, SAU that has in Castellón one of the largest production plants in the world of polycarbonatidioles, leads the CARBESPOL project. Poliuretanos, SA participates as a member of the consortium constituted for the development of this project together with the Technological Center for mUeble and Wood (CETEM) and IntePlast SA, a flexible foam manufacturer. The estimated duration for the development of the project is 28 months, with completion estimated for the end of 2018.
28/04/2017 | Categoría: Energy saving